Offshore Medics

Offshore Medics

Offshore Medics

The level of medical cover we offer ranges from providing NHS registered nurse, military remote medic grade nurse, to a full medical team including specialised occupational health physicians, A&E consultants, GP’s and senior specialist consultants.

Our team differs from that of our competitors as we are a fully compliant NHS approved clinical practice with the ability and skill set to manage any medical scenario for our clients.

Our ability to provide specialist medical opinion via our team of consultants to our remote medics coupled with extensive experience of arranging complex and routine medical evacuations, and the option to treat onshore here in Aberdeen means our service is unrivalled.

Because of who we are and what we do, we can also ensure that our medics are maintained to the highest clinical standards; across our businesses clinical governance and current skills practice is at the heart of everything we do.  Our teams are working in the here and now within the best clinical practice in hospitals throughout the UK, this allows us to promote and maintain the best clinical care to our clients and ensure that our medics are competent and capable.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our remote medics have the best of support and that our team fully understand the complexities of the offshore environment, whether it be:

  • Weather conditions
  • Access to helicopter mobilisation schedules
  • Extensive travel routes, combined with potential time impact to the nearest reception centre
  • Limitations of an offshore vessel for medevac
  • Regulatory impacts such as HSE reporting and OSHA guidelines

We understand that the patient welfare is the primary focus, but we also understand that our clients need us to be aware, informed, responsive and most of all have clear and open communications.

What we do differentely

We understand that medical services is a core requirement of your licencing and operational requirements.  Our extensive clinical offering across our business streams can provide you with peace of mind that what we deliver and how we deliver is fit for purpose.  Through our governing bodies we are subject to quarterly audits to ensure compliance and adherence to government regulated practice.

Our business is structured to ensure that we will provide timely and quality medical services.  Our approach to collaborative working has never been provided to the Energy sector in this way and we believe that it will bring benefits across the industry.

We understand that our Duty of Care is to ensure that we provide a service which encompasses individual well-being, welfare, compliance and good practice.

Our ethos is to ensure that everyone associated with our business is fully protected from any personal physical and/or emotional harm, either on the premises or when engaged in activities relating to our clients.  Primary areas of concern are fire safety, Health and Safety, food safety, personal safety, child and adult protection (plus wider safeguarding such as safer recruitment), equality, bullying, violence, harassment, stress, or discrimination from any source.

We aim to be an employer where everyone associated with us can see that their well-being is important, they feel valued and it builds trust, commitment and job satisfaction.  They will also feel empowered to raise concerns about unsafe practices and to act on these.  We fully believe that this approach allows all our staff and contractors to promote good practice, reduce risk, eliminate ignorance and create and sustain a safe environment.

We achieve this by:

  • Clearly defining jobs and undertaking risk assessments
  • Ensuring a safe work environment
  • Providing adequate training and feedback on performance
  • Ensuring that staff do not work excessive hours
  • Providing areas for rest and relaxation
  • Protecting staff from bullying or harassment, either from colleagues or third parties
  • Protecting staff from discrimination
  • Providing communication channels for employees to raise concerns
  • Consulting employees on issues which concern them.